Any plans for summer?

Hey all,

Have you signed up for summer programs for the kiddos yet? Well, you might be a little too late but I think you can still call around to see what’s available. I know that time is of the essence but still do your research. It’s important we know all we can about where our children will be for most of the days.



My kiddos will be doing a tennis program with Highland Park Tennis Association. This upcoming Saturday they will be hosting a Spring Community Play Day at the Highland Park tennis courts, and yes, you have to register to attend. I got an email reminding me of the event and also about the program that will be starting later in the month; one of the instructions is that we should get a ‘tennis permit’. Wait….what???  Apparently, you need a tennis permit in order to use the courts across the city. They are urging us to get the permit as the Parks Department is enforcing these rules. The permits can be either full season (April until November) or a single play.  To learn more about the rules or purchase a permit visit To learn about locations where you can visit in person visit


It is not only tennis that you’ll need a permit to use the facilities, one is required to play on baseball, soccer etc. fields in the parks. So check beforehand the rules associated with using these facilities.  For more information visit


It is very important that we seek out activities to get our kiddos involved in from an early age as there are many benefits. Some of which includes:

  1. keeps them active
  2. builds their confidence and determination
  3. helps them to develop teamwork and communication skills
  4. develops life-lessons
  5. develops healthy social skills
  6. enhances academics
  7. scholarships to college
  8. it is fun

It is also very important that we as parents support our children; be their biggest cheerleader. As they get older the only time we will get to spend with them is cheering from the sidelines, even though they will be shutting us out they are always looking for us. We also need to teach them that even though winning is great sometimes they’ll lose, and they need to do it with dignity. No one likes a sore loser so there is no harm in finding non-aggressive ways to express their frustrations.

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