Staycation Ideas

The summer holidays are approaching and the kids will be out of school soon.  What are your plans for them and the summer?

I have done some research on how the kids can enjoy their summer break on a budget (your budget), otherwise known as ‘staycation’. For those of us planning to do a staycation the time to start planning is now!!

Here are some ideas I came up with:

1. Visit your local museums- I know some have been to them on more than one occasion (school trips), but have you been there as a family? Whatever your interests are, there is a lot to see and do at specialized museums (arts, history, etc), the zoos and gardens. My youngest begging me already to take them to Children Museum of Arts over the summer break. They just love it there.

2. Go to the beach or the pool- The kids will love this and its a time for you relax. There a number of community pools around, check to see their availabilities and rules. Also, the Far Rockaway beach is just a train ride or few minutes drive away. Remember your sunscreen.


3. Bike ride/Hiking- We did one the other day up my Highland Park. It was refreshing and vitalizing, even though the kiddos were hot and tired they pushed through.

4. Theaters- Can be Broadway or the movies -to catch up on the new releases and not so new releases. broadway

5. See a show- There are numerous ‘free’  or minimal cost shows by CityPark Summerstage. In conjunction with the point above CityPark offers movies in various parks throughout the boroughs.

6. Take a little cruise- There are some ‘same-day’ cruises around the city- sightseeing or dinner cruise. There are daily trips to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island– so the fun can also be educational.

7. Take up a sport/hobby- Again, CityPark Foundation has ‘free’ sporting events happening over the summer break throughout the boroughs. Also, there are some clubs that are offering summer sporting activities.

8. Summer Camp- Probably too late to apply for camps, but you can still try.

9. Go see a game- There are many games going on or training camps, whether it be baseball, soccer, football, tennis (2018 US Open) etc. Go sit back and have some fun.

10. Play golf- Well, mini-golf. Take the kids out to have some fun you don’t have to be an avid golfer.


11. Spend time together- Play some board games, card games, do some BBQs, talk, reminisce, build on your relationships and make memories.

You save a lot with a staycation. You don’t have airfare, lodging or rentals cost. You would have to pay extras for attractions on your vacation anyways. These ideas might seem like its nothing, but if your children have long school days like mine do; we don’t get to do much of anything during school time so this will be a lot of catching up for us.