Growing pains and what we know about them.

I first want to say Happy Happy New Year and I hope this year is your year. The year of prosperity, growth, good intentions, unity, community and love.

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What is growing pains? What causes them? Why do you get them? How can you stop them? Have you had pains specifically in your legs growing up? Do you know of anyone that does? Unfortunately, I experienced ‘growing pain’ growing up, but we did not know what it was not even the doctors knew, I was in pain. I can recall going to doctors and hospitals to no avail.

Fast forward to now, my youngest is having ‘growing pain’. It mostly affects her at nights, so nights upon nights I am sitting up with her massaging the area. In the first stages, I took her to her doctor because for some reason I didn’t think growing pain was a real thing, only to hear the doctor said: “it could be growing pains”. Are you kidding me? Growing pains? I was given a long explanation as to no one knows what causes it, the reason for it, and/or how it can be stopped. So, just imagine the sleepless nights having to massage the area, the tiresome mornings getting ready for school. Sometimes, you think you get a break only to hear her crying in her sleep.

We got a long spell without these on and off nightly episodes, only to have a lengthy spell-started a Monday night ended up taking her to the ED on a Friday because the pain won’t go away. Its usually in both legs but this time it was only in one for such a lengthy period, which makes it more terrifying. They did a physical, (her blood work was previously done and there was nothing abnormal), they didn’t need to do an x-ray but they did (she had a limp) but ‘no abnormalities detected’ a sigh of relief but there is a but what then???? Here goes the ‘growing pains’ diagnosis again. This time I was given a print out of information about growing pains and what I need to do: massage the area (that I was doing), place a heating pad on area (that I was doing), give ibuprofen (this I am borderline about) Should I medicate my child and trick her body to think she not feeling the pain? How often? How much is too much? I would want for her not to feel the pain but at what cost? I was also advised never give her aspirin for the pain.

According to, growing pains aren’t generally linked to illness, however, they can upset both kids and parents. These aches and pains are usually gone in the morning, causing parents to think that the child faked the pains, but this far from the truth, I should know, I experienced the same thing not knowingly.

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